Advanced Seating Comfort Technology

If your back hurts when you sit too long...
the BackCycler® was made for you. Now available to consumers from ComfortEase for just $99.95!

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The BackCycler® was only available in airplanes and long-haul trucks, but now you can get one for your home, your office, your car. Buy one from ComfortEase, just $99.95.

Here's what people say about the BackCycler®:

People with Back Pain:

It has been almost a year since I purchased my BackCycler® from you. It has been a life saver! The doctors told me that I had to have a back operation after I was in a car accident. Since I was not in favor of the operation, I was willing to try anything and everything. The BackCycler® has been the most help. I use it in the car and in our home. It goes with me wherever I go. Next week we are driving back to our home in Arizona from New Hampshire. The BackCycler® is making it possible for me to make this trip. Thank you for this terrific product.

B. Carson, Arizona

(This is a letter written to United Airlines about their 10,000 BackCyclers®) … My wife and I recently flew to Paris and back on one of your flights. I was screwing around with the controls on my seat when something started pushing on my low back – in and out, in and out…. I decided to leave it on and 11 hours later, my back never felt so good…. Thirty years ago I drove three and a half days to move to California from Texas. My back has never been the same. I have tried orthopedic doctors, neurosurgeons, sports doctors, acupuncturists and I have spent thousands of dollars on chiropractors. All to no lasting avail. My low back almost always hurts…. If you are the guy that made the decision to install BackCyclers® in your planes, you have done a wonderful thing. I suggest you install it in ALL OF YOUR SEATS. If you know anybody in the auto industry, I suggest you pass on the good news about the BackCycler®. The BackCycler® should be a standard in all seats in all modes of transport. IT RELIEVES LOW BACK PAIN. I have no financial interest of any kind whatsoever in the BackCycler® product. Honestly, I wish I did. Thanks again for a wonderful ride.

E. Graham, California

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What Chiropractors have to say about the BackCycler®:

Over the course of the past two years I have been utilizing the BackCycler® pillow for my patients. I find that in chronic patients… the continuous passive motion BackCycler® gives benefit and relief of their symptoms. This device has proven to be useful in selective cases of internal disc disruption as well as disc herniation and instability.

J. Triano, DC, MA, Texas

I have been recommending the BackCycler® to my patients with lower back pain for the past several months, with very favorable results. My patients find the BackCycler® relieves their low back pain between visits.

S. Mahoney, DC, Vermont

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What Physical & Occupational Therapists and Nurses have to say about the BackCycler®:

As we have a BackCycler® set up on an automobile bucket seat in the waiting area of one of our clinics, anyone is able to try the demonstration model. Many people report that the BackCycler® is comfortable and very easy to use. After trial use of the BackCycler® within our Work Hardening Program two of our clients were provided with BackCyclers® by their employers for use in company vehicles. These gentlemen report being extremely satisfied with the BckCycler® the use of which has allowed them to return to full time work requiring constant driving; on in a passenger car the other in a tractor trailer. Both of these gentlemen were concerned about their ability to return to work on a full time basis. Thje use of the BackCycler® has allowed them to do this.

K. Fuller, PT, Vermont

The Spine Institute of New England provides surgical, medical and rehabilitative care for back patients from all over New England and New York State. Several months ago we began using your company’s BackCycler® to help patients who were disabled by their back pain during sitting activities such as driving…. I am happy to recommend the BackCycler® to other health professionals who care for people with back problems. I have been particularly impressed that people wo really have problems with sitting benefit the most from this kind of support.

V. Reeves, OTR, Vermont

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What Physicians and Low Back Pain specialists have to say about the BackCycler®:

I have been involved in back pain research at the highest levels and cared for thousands of patients through my career as a scientist and orthopedic surgeon. The BackCycler® is one of the only orthopedic inventions I have seen that really makes sense and actually works.

A. Nachemson, MD, Sweden

I write this letter to acknowledge the significant contribution that the BackCycler® has made in the lives of… patients…. I heartily endorse the efficacy of the unit, and hope that more physicians become aware of this therapeutic option.

M. Erdil, MD, Connecticut

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What IS a BackCycler®?

The BackCycler® is an air pillow placed between your lower back and any car, office, home or other seat that has a back rest. The pillow is slowly inflated and deflated by a pump and valve system in a small box. With the hand control, you simply set the amount of support and motion you need to keep your back comfortable for hours at a time (say, watching a movie, driving your car or working at your desk.)


How does the BackCycler® work?

Most people get back pain and stiffness from sitting because they stay in one position too long. Some seat designs may be better than others for a given person, but the key is to keep moving the lower part of the spine. Most people know this and try to get up and stretch their backs (usually by standing and bending backward a bit: just watch people getting out of their seat on a plane or getting out of their car.) The BackCycler® keeps you from back pain and stiffness in the first place by gently creating this support and motion while you are sitting. In orthopedics this is called continuous passive motion (CPM) and is often used to keep people from getting stiff and hurting after a joint operation.


What is so different about the BackCycler®?

For many years people have tried to make seats and all sorts of pillows and supports to put you in a comfortable position… and keep you there. Some of these ideas and devices seem to help some people… for awhile. But for many of us, the longer we sit the more uncomfortable it becomes... until we get up or at least change position. That is what the BackCycler® does for you… the MOTION MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.

There are lots of “shake and poke” devices that vibrate or massage the soft tissues between your skin and your spine. These are meant to relieve pain and psychological stress and can help some people feel better… for awhile. They can only be tolerated for minutes at a time because they can become very uncomfortable. X-ray studies have shown that the BackCycler® actually moves your spine back and forth. Beyond the relatively superficial soft tissue effects of vibration and massage, to keep people comfortable…MOTION MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.


For our commercial clients

Home & Office: The BackCycler® is a natural fit for home and institutional use in recliners and office seating. The consumer model received the Good Housekeeping Institute's highest product rating. Now available for manufacturers of home furniture/recliners; please contact Raffel for more information.

Aircraft: The BackCycler® flies in over 10,000 United Airlines seats and in private aircraft. It's been helping people fly long-distances more comfortably. Available now for aircraft from Radiant Power Corp.

Trucking: Truckers are also enjoying the advantages of using the BackCycler®, especially on long-haul trips. Available now in truck seats from National Seating. See their product catalog, pg. 11, for more information on the BackCycler®

Automotive: With top ratings from seat manufacturers and consumer surveys, the BackCycler® is poised to expand into the automotive OEM and consumer seating markets.