Advanced Seating Comfort Technology
The BackCycler ® is a revolutionary combination of medical science and innovative engineering. Back pain is the #1 comfort problem when sitting. The solution? Continous spinal motion provided by the BackCycler's ® award-winning and patented air pillow technology. More...

Whether you're a buyer for a major airline or pilot your own small plane or executive jet, the BackCycler® is an investment worth making. We're partnered with Radiant Power Corp. to provide you the Backcycler® no matter how you fly. BackCycler® has already boosted comfort ratings for United Airlines. Not even private jet owners expect to feel great after a long flight. However, with the BackCycler® installed in your commercial or private plane seats, you can expect reactions, either from customers or yourself, to match the one below:

Last week on a three-week tour to China, my wife and I flew United Airlines, Business Class. The westward trans-Pacific flight ...was on an older Boeing 747, and by the end of the 11-hour flight my back was quite uncomfortable. The return flight ...was equipped with the latest seating, including [the] BackCycler®. This flight took 14 hours, but at the end my back was perfectly comfortable, thanks to the BackCycler®.

--Robert C. Woodworth
Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry