Advanced Seating Comfort Technology
The BackCycler ® is a revolutionary combination of medical science and innovative engineering. Back pain is the #1 comfort problem when sitting. The solution? Continous spinal motion provided by the BackCycler's ® award-winning and patented air pillow technology. More...
Automotive Already proven to substantially increase comfort in air travel, long-haul trucking, and automotive applications, the BackCycler® would be the perfect addition to your OEM platform or direct-to-consumer "topper" program. Just read some of the wonderful testimonials from people grateful to have discovered the BackCycler®.
I drive 30,000 miles a year and how I feel during the day affects my selling. I have tried many products in my twenty-seven years of being on the road, [but] the BackCycler®, which I've been using for three years now, has provided continuous relief during my long drives.
Ed Fisher
Sales & Technical Services Representative
This summer I drove 2800 miles in a Jeep with the BackCycler® installed. Usually I am uncomfortable after 25 miles or so, but I was completely comfortable for long periods. One day I drove for 10 hours over rought roads. In addition to the comfort it provides, I think the BackCycler® helps to keep me alert while driving.
George D. Ewins
Investment Manager
[letter written prior to becoming Chairman of Backcycler LLC]