Advanced Seating Comfort Technology
The BackCycler ® is a revolutionary combination of medical science and innovative engineering. Back pain is the #1 comfort problem when sitting. The solution? Continous spinal motion provided by the BackCycler's ® award-winning and patented air pillow technology. More...
Home & Office Furniture

At last! An answer to the back pain that's been plaguing you for so long. The perfect solution for people who have chronic low back pain. Already a comfort success with a major recliner manufacturer, the BackCycler® is ready to re-enter the furniture marketplace. Now you and your customers can knit, read, or watch a movie without pain disrupting your actvity.

Now BackCycler® can be supplied to manufacturers of home furniture and recliners by BJ Sales in Tupelo, Mississipi. Please contact us for more information.

In 2000, the BackCycler® was rated by the Good Housekeeping Institute, in consultation with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, as the #1 consumer product for people with back pain.