Advanced Seating Comfort Technology
The BackCycler ® is a revolutionary combination of medical science and innovative engineering. Back pain is the #1 comfort problem when sitting. The solution? Continous spinal motion provided by the BackCycler's ® award-winning and patented air pillow technology. More...
Trucking Beyond the common association between sitting and back pain, people who drive motor vehicles 4 or more hours per day triple their risk for disk herniation, and truck drivers in particular are known to have high rates of low back pain. In a study of 49 truckers, 61% preferred the BackCycler® over a lumbar support cushion, saying that it made their backs feel better.
"Before installation [of the BackCycler®] I could drive for about 4 hours maximum and then would have to take a break and spend about 10 minutes stretching and moving to get loosened up enough to walk or stand straight.... Since the BackCycler® I have been able to drive for legal time limits with only breaks for those essential necessary and legal stops when I so desire."

--Paul R. Schlehr
TLC-RV Trucking