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More Patient Testimonials

I have a portable BackCycler® at home because my wife Carol developed back pain about two years ago and analgesics were not helping. Because of my faith in your product, I brought one home for her and within two days her pain was gone, making the BackCycler® and I heroes. Whenever she gets back pain she uses the BackCycler® and within a couple of days pain is gone…. My rehab equipment background allowed me to understand the product the moment I was introduced to it. Now I realize even better that the proof is in the use of the product.

F. Corbett, Massachusetts

I first saw the BackCycler® at the Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville…. Before installation I could drive for about 4 hours maximum and then would have to take a break and spend about ten minutes stretching and moving to get loosened up enough to walk…. The pain in my back and shoulders made driving a drag…. Since the BackCycler® I have been able to drive for the legal limits with only breaks for those essential necessary and legal stops…. your product is absolutely essential to my continued driving career.

P. Schler, Texas

I am 64 years old and have been suffering from backaches on and off since I was forty…. Last summer I had a near debilitating attack that seemed to linger on longer than usual…. I found the results of my using the device quite amazing. The pain subsided after two weeks of use…. I did not have another episode of back pain since I have been using the BackCycler®. I did not change my habits or take any medication that could explain the long interval of painlessness. I believe, therefore, that the device proved to be very beneficial for me.

L. Schutte, Arizona

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can’t begin to thank you all for the BackCycler®!! It saved my back. I spent a great deal of time over this summer (2 round trips to Northern Minnesota and 1 round trip to Colorado) in my car. This would never have been possible before. I would never drive anywhere without it. If anyone has any questions please give them my number, I will be happy to tell them how well it works.

H. Mellin, Illinois

Thank you for making a product that has taken the fatigue and stress out of driving. I drive thirty thousand miles a year and how I feel during the day affects my selling. I have tried many products in my twenty-seven years of being on the road, and most have been marginally effective. The BackCycler®, which I’ve been using for three years now, has provided continuous relief during my long drives. Being easy to use and maintain, it has repaid me many times since its purchase. Please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference.

E. Fischer, Vermont

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY BACKCYCLER®!! I am a secretary with the New York State Police…. My orthopedic surgeon, who uses a BackCycler® in his car, recommended I try using one at work. I sincerely believe that my back truly enjoys the addition of the BackCycler® as part of my daily routine. It is a marvelous idea and I thank you for making it available to those of us who need just such help in our daily lives. I have told everyone how wonderful it is, it would be good if I could give them a flyer.

P. DuMond, New York

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More Chiropractic Testimonials

I would like to inform you of the great success we have had with the BackCyclers®…. The portable model for the automobile has helped a number of my patients to be able to travel considerable distances with much less, if any, discomfort. Indeed, several of my patients work for long-distance moving companies and they have told me they are not only able to handle the cross country drives but also able to unload heavy furniture and appliances afterward. Previous to using the BackCycler® these men would have to rest a long time prior to unloading and/or would have to do an extensive warm-up. Needless to say we are both very pleased…. Thank you for producing an extremely helpful product that is simple in concept yet profound in benefit.

P. Olverd, DC RD, Pennsylvania

In 1994 I was involved in a car accident that left me with 3 herniated discs in the neck and forced me to end a very profitable chiropractic career. My pain is most noticeable while driving my motor home great lengths…. I have access to the best seating supports on the market today and unfortunately none of them have worked for me…. I recently ordered 4 BackCyclers® for store stock and used one of them for a 13 hour trip to Yosemite. I started using the BackCycler® immediately and to my elation, I HAD NO NECK/SHOULDER PAIN THE ENTIRE TRIP. When my neck would start to spasm up I would simply turn on the BackCycler®. This device does far more than I was led to believe. Also, by the way, my wife is very happy as well as she has gotten stuck with the bulk of the driving on these trips.

D. Nowack, DC, Oregon


More Physical & Occupational Therapist and Nurse Testimonials

A number of years ago I was diagnosed as having degenerative disc disease in the lower portion of my spine. The condition required constant attention, utilizing anti-inflammatory drugs, spine manipulation, exercise, heat, icing and frequent changes of position to minimize the pain…. I purchased a back massager for $200, a cushion to sit on and made stops every hour to move around, none of which helped…. My chiropractor made a suggestion: he had heard good things about a new product called the BackCycler®…. After my three weeks trial period using the BackCycler® I was sold. It’s such a simple solution to a very painful, chronic problem…. The BackCycler® has allowed me to take work positions I never would have dreamed possible a few years ago. I’m saving money because I rarely have to take medications and my chiropractor visits are down to a few maintenance visits a month.

G. Zelman, RN, Vermont

I would like to bring to your attention an exciting new product that the Vermont Health Care Review has been utilizing for state employees who suffer from chronic low back pain. Twenty-seven drivers tested the BackCycler® and reported improved comfort and reduced stiffness and fatigue. Since the completion of this evaluation, Vermont Health Care Review has utilized the BackCycler® in 25 workers’ compensation cases with very positive results.

N. Menard, BSN, MSA, Vermont


More Physician Testimonials

Combining lumbar support with motion makes great sense to me, and that is what the BackCycler® does.

R. McKenzie, PT, New Zealand

We are very pleased to give a positive report on how our clinic is perceiving the BackCycler®. We are going to put it in our ergonomics product list… you should have many people writing to your company regarding the BackCycler®

S. Isernhagen, PT, Minnesota

We have had great success with the BackCycler® when I was with Novacare, especially with the chronic low back pain population… from the clinical perspective, the BackCycler® has served as an effective therapeutic device significantly contributing to pain relief. Beyond that, and even more importantly, it has reinforced patient education and self-care initiatives by providing these patients with such a user-friendly and tangible strategy to promote return to function.

S. Kalisch, PhD, Illinois